well isn't that something.

SIGN UPS (close september twentieth)

Welcome to 2007 SG: Saucy Minx! This is your sign up post.

As it says in the subject, sign ups RITE NAU close on September 30th. Please do not sign up after this date! I am giving you plenty of time!

- Looked at the prompt/story guidelines?
- Chosen a female character to star in your story?
- Joined the community?

Comment to this post IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT:

Pen name:
Chosen Character:

(I will be using the above to create tags which you will pls use!)

optional (but it would be much appreciated):
Picture for your participant icon:

Your story is due on November 30th.
well isn't that something.


Since it occurred to me that a set up fic that would work for, say, Sora, probably wouldn't also work for, say, Janet. THAT THOUGHT IN MIND: I will no longer be setting the scene. (Shut up, I'm not lazy! It's just practicality!)

The prompt is:

Stargate women competing in a wet tshirt contest.

The guidelines for your prompt response are as follows:

The point is to find your very own sauciest minx! Therefore, you must choose a woman to star in your story and win her contest. You may choose any female character from either SG1 or SGA. You may cross the shows over (as long as you're still writing about one woman winning), and you can use any storyline that you want to make all this happen. You're allowed to include pairings! Any pairings you want! Any ratings!
The saucymod frowns on overabundant angst in this boobiefest, but it's your call, bbs. If you feel your story requires the tragic death of Elizabeth's dog...well, I think you're really weird. Why would you do that? Sedge never did anything to you.

Stories should be at least a shortfic (no drabbles, guys!), but there is no maximum length.